Jeannine "NiNi" Burkart

I worked in corporate, national-level, high profile marketing, advertising and creative services for well over a decade. It taught me so much, I decided to leave it all behind and pave my own offbeat way—by starting a marketing and design agency that specializes in promoting The Darkly-Inclined Creative.

As Immortal Marketing and Design CEO, I’ve been having a blast working with filmmakers, musicians, artists and authors in strategic cross-platform marketing, graphic design, motion graphics, website design/social networking development and original music. To date, my work has been distributed and viewed in millions of homes, from SyFy original (national) programming to The CW Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, as well as the film festival circuit. My print design work has been on glorious full-color display in globally-distributed publications like Gothic Beauty Magazine, Rue Morgue, Supernatural and Roman Dirge’s “Lenore” comic book.

Just as in my profession, “in person,” I am a bona fide horror/genre nerd, as well as a cult-cinemaphile and “supernatural TV” freak. My dreams include climbing Mount Fuji, premiering myself fashionably on Harajuku Street, taking a Nordic cruise and attending at least one Wacken Open Air Festival. I am also an athlete-in-training for The Warrior Dash 2013.

I love black cats (I kinda collect them), I love my husband—FEARnet music journalist Gregory S. Burkart—and I *heart* my incredible clients and colleagues! Although it’s my job to remain thoroughly saturated in pop culture, sub culture and all forms of media, I’m more of a book person by nature. However, I do grudgingly admit that once I start watching a great TV show, I do get pretty addicted. Current vises include Mad Men, Friday Night Lights (Netflix Streaming FTW!), Gossip Girl, Sherlock and The Vampire Diaries.

My pen name and web alter-ego is Jayda Steele. I may be working on a book of my own… Maybe.

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